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Venue Event Rental Software

IntelliEvent Lightning is the best event rental software for event venue companies. Manage all the details and availability for events at your venue with one digital platform.

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Let IntelliEvent Lightning help you scale and out perform your competitors.

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Using the best event rental software will help you and your team stay ahead and focus on your company goals.

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Our team is hear to help you learn more on how to use IntelliEvent Lightning based on the industry’s best practices.

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IntelliEvent Lightning has absolutely streamlined our operation.  We are absolutely blown away with all of Lightnings capabilities.  Every year we continue to leverage more of its value.

George Duff

Pacific Event Productions / PEP Creative

IntelliEvent.  What a proactive partner!  They have exceeded all of our expectations.  Call me anytime for the whole story!

Brandi Goldapp

A View Venues

IntelliEvent is a true partner, like us, 100% focused on the events industry.  As our industry has changed, they too have changed for the better.  We recommend IntelliEvent to all of our peers in the event industry.

Heidi Brumbach

Technisch Creative