Add-Ons, Features and Modules

Additional Features

Want to learn more about IntelliEvent’s software products, add-ons and modules? Browse through our offerings below! Click here to view demos of each on YouTube.

The Advanced Labor Module page allows users to add individual labor lines to an order. Users are able to send individual laborers confirmation emails so they can either confirm or deny the position. Users also gain access to the Global Labor Scheduler which allows users to see all laborers on every order within a set date range. Users will also gain access to the Labor Management View which provides users with a calendar view of their various laborers and orders.

The Availability Calendar can be accessed in three different ways, first by clicking the hamburger menu on the nav bar and selecting the stock calendar. Second, by being on any job page, you can scroll to the bottom and where each product is listed, you can see each has their own stock calendar icon associated with it. Third, you can click on the hamburger menu and go into the inventory section and select the inventory manager. Within the stock calendar, you can select a specific product and warehouse to view all of the current inventory of said item, view its transactions, price, shipments, and more.

The Client page allows users to create and enter information about the client, which can be viewed in the client list. Contacts can then be added to a particular client by selecting contacts and then adding whatever information you like. Within the client editor, users can add notes and tasks to particular clients which can then be seen within the client editor or the activity log.

The check out/in page allows users to check in, and out, both serialized and non-serialized items from the pullsheet. Users have a variety of ways to scan in and out  items, such as manually entering barcodes, scanning barcodes, selecting items from pullsheet and adding those items, and an option to group barcodes to add at one time. From the global check in page, you can see all items currently checked out on all jobs and are able to check in either specific or all items from multiple jobs.

The Weekly Agenda allows users to see what jobs are going on in a calendar view over a selected time period.  Users may also use the Labor Gantt View report to see what jobs their laborers are on during a specific time period. The Usage Gantt View allows users to see what jobs their products are on during a selected time period.

Google Calendar has a user integration that can be setup via the user editor page, and allows said user to add a specific job and its details to their own Google Calendar. There is also a master integration that allows a user to view all calendars and the jobs that are currently integrated.

For the Inventory Maintenance page users will need to start with a serialized or barcoded asset in order to submit it to maintenance. The maintenance editor page allows users to fill in various fields to describe why this item needs maintenance.

On the Invoicing page, users have multiple options, such as printing an invoice, emailing an invoice, and emailing a survey with an invoice. If an email option is selected, the user will have access to all emailing templates that they have previously set up, add other internal contacts to the email, and more. Invoicing can be done either manually, with the proper credentials, or be sent over to the accounting team by selecting the “Invoice” status on a job.

The Logistics Manager allows users to see various jobs that are outgoing or incoming. It also allows users to update or change logistics for their jobs. The logistics manager can be used to fill in routing on various jobs as well.

Purchase Orders have a vast amount of customizable tools and options to get exactly what you’re looking for. From the purchase order page, you are able to add shipping information, vendor information, PO details, and much more. There are various ways of adding items to a purchase order, such as from a job page, overbooking page, and more.

The Venues and Sites page allows users to view, search for, and edit venues. In the venue page, users can edit all the venue information, view a change log, and attach files to a venue. Utilizing a venue is as easy as going to a specific job, going to the venue and shipping page, and from there you can assign any venue users have created.

The Operational Daybook acts as a summary of activities over a provided time period. Users can set up the definitions for the daybook in the Labor Talents page. The Operational Daybook can be printed out by a user as well.

The Routing Module allows users to create routes, assign jobs to routes, and much more. Users can search their various routes by navigating to route search as well. Different stops on a route can be modified by navigating to the route sheet manager. Users can also use the google maps integration to map out a route or optimize a specific route.

The IntelliTime module allows for internal time keeping as well as internal costing for labor. Users within the site will be able to use the time clock functionality that records their code and associated work that they were assigned to for a certain time and date. As an admin, you are able to make adjustments to users’ time clocks and correct information.

The Survey Module allows you to create surveys that can be sent to clients. Within the survey module page, you can create questions that you can either allow to appear or disappear, you can choose to make the answer field an open text or radio button that clients can use to rank, and much more. You can also attach these surveys to a specific job and view the feedback given.

The Vendor Catalog allows users to see what inventory and pricing your vendors supply. The product catalog, which can be found in the vendor catalog, provides users with information about the various products that a vendor has. Users can also use the vendor catalog to confirm the prices of products on the PO page.

Additional Modules*

Available for additional cost*

Expand the capabilities of IntelliEvent’s software with our range of additional modules designed to enhance and streamline your operations. Each module is available for an additional cost, offering specialized features to meet your unique business needs:

Intellisign is an e-signature software that IntelliEvent created to make it easier to send out documents or templates for e-signature. The document will be sent to those that need to sign in an user determined order. Users that need to sign a document will be notified via email and asked to sign with their e-signature.

The Assembly Module allows users to create products that can be assembled into another product. This module is customizable by allowing the user to determine how many pieces of a product are required for assembly of another product. From the assembly order page, you are able to perform operations such as creating new assembly orders, edit assembly orders, adjust cost of assembly orders, and so much more.

Lead/Opportunity Website Integration*

Seamlessly integrate your website with IntelliEvent’s CRM to capture leads and opportunities directly from online forms. This module automatically imports potential client information into your system, allowing for immediate follow-up and nurturing. Enhance your sales pipeline by ensuring no lead is missed and all opportunities are tracked efficiently.

Accounting Software Hand-Off Integration*

Simplify your financial management by integrating IntelliEvent with your preferred accounting software. This module enables the automatic transfer of invoicing, payment, and other financial data to your accounting system, ensuring accuracy and saving time. Streamline your accounting processes and reduce manual data entry, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.