IPS 2023 a Huge Success

IntelliEvent Profitabilty Summit, training

October 2-5, 2023 marked our annual IntelliEvent Profitability Summit (IPS) at our headquarters in Monterey, CA. This year was one of our most highly attended events to date where customers and the team engaged in training, networking, roundtable discussions, a development symposium and a sneak peek at the future… which is bright!  

Hosting in-person events is at the heart of what we do at IntelliEvent. As our CEO Don Romeka often says, we believe that face-to-face interactions are “17x more impactful”! Customers gathered with like-minded companies and discussed important roundtable topics including RFID, Labor apps and BI Tools – live and in-person.

At IPS, we want each attendee to leave knowing how to better leverage Lightning for their businesses. Our team of IntelliEvent experts provided group discussions and training for different skill levels to ensure that every user learns something valuable.

One-on-One time is a highlight for customers at IPS. IntelliEvent team members from development, training and support meet with individual companies to discuss their growing business needs, review any support tickets, and make sure IntelliEvent is optimized for them.

Our Development Symposium discussion points are based on feedback from customers. Everyone has a voice. Together we discussed UI updates, enhancements, and new functionality to keep IntelliEvent the leading software in this industry.

Networking is very important to us and our customers. IPS provides a unique opportunity for our customers to interact with one another, and it is awesome to see. We care about both the personal and professional lives of our customers. We proudly take building partnerships to a whole new level. Looking forward to 2024! In the meantime, click here for a list of our upcoming events.