Staging & Rigging

Person on stage during a concert.

Staging & Rigging Rental Inventory Software

IntelliEvent Lightning is the leading event management software for staging and rigging companies in the rental inventory industry.

Plan Ahead

Make sure your team has access to all of the specifications and layout diagrams by using IntelliEvent Lightning’s cloud storage.

Crew setting up a stage and rigging inside a hangar.
Rigging setup inside a venue.

Support Your Events

Visualize and schedule the labor needed to support each of your events by using IntelliEvent Lightning sophisticated labor module.

I have seen feedback we have provided be implemented into the software, and it really goes a long way in helping us improve our process and provide better service to our customers.

Ryan Birch

Quest Events

They aren’t just a supplier or a vendor, they’re actually a partner. They care about what is happening on our end and they’re always looking for ways to improve the software so we can make things better for our team.

Rennie Colelli

bb Blanc of Canada

I greatly appreciate the weekly calls I have with the Dev team. It’s a great opportunity to talk about challenges, options, or ways to teach others the software without making it up myself is just unbelievable.

Mike Crawford