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IntelliEvent Lightning

The best cloud-based software to manage your event, rental or production business.

Scalable rental, labor, inventory and customer management software you can use anytime, anywhere with any device.

Some of our business management software features

Online quotes and orders

Quickly start new orders, create quotes and email quotes directly from the system.

Real-time inventory manager

Know where your inventory is at all times. Have up to the minute information on availability.

Global labor scheduling

Schedule your Labor to know projects are properly resourced by specialty and individual. Gain the ability to plan resources and have visibility on workload.

Business metrics

Gain insights on your business and its profitability with up to the minute metrics dashboards, and reports.


Keep track of clients records and build a stronger relationship with each and every one!

Accounting & Invoicing

Quickbooks integration, local tax calculations, and credit card integration, help you establish a seamless workflow.

IntelliEvent offers custom development for your unique needs.

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IntelliEvent provides a start to finish, robust solution to manage your entire business.

  • Multi-Location/Company Capability

  • Barcode Hardware Solutions (RFID Ready)

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

See All Features!

IntelliEvent is here to help you get up and running in short order with:

  • Straightforward Data Export/Import

  • Accessible and Knowledgeable Support Team

  • Intuitive, easy to use design

  • Dedicated Training including in-person, on the phone, and video

  • "We're here to be a long term partner and ensure your success!"

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Samples of the event based businesses we serve

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AV, Lighting & Staging

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Special Events

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Events, Tents & Party Rentals

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Universities & Venues

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