Shoreline Audio Visual

July 26th, 2017 Joe Russo - Strategic Account Manager

Shoreline AV has been a partner with IntelliEvent for 2 years now. Stationed in Suffield, Connecticut, they provide quality Audio Visual gear from set up to break down and expand to their neighboring states in the northeast.

Shoreline AV is a smaller group but you wouldn’t know that based on their volume and quality of events put on. It has been a pleasure to have them as a partner as their feedback and input has helped our software grow and become very event focused.

“What has really been able to help me as far as return on my investment is my time. I’m not down stairs worrying about if it has made in on the truck or not, or if we have what we need, I’m up there working on the next show”

- Craig Jeppesen- VP of Production

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