RSN Member Advanced Staging Productions Going Live on IntelliEvent Lightning

August 14th, 2019 Cristian Silvestre - Marketing & Communications
IntelliEvent is proud to announce RSN member, Advanced Staging Productions in West Chester, PA, is in the GO LIVE process with the IntelliEvent Lightning Software. Advanced Staging Productions is a leading provider of event technology management.
Last week, IntelliEvent sent two team members on-site for focused training and development. Enterprise Sales Engineer Kusal Yapa and Implementation Specialist & Support Manager Daniel Morell led multiple collaborative sessions with Advanced Staging Production’s team.
The on-boarding process for IntelliEvent Enterprise clients includes a series of hands-on training sessions to familiarize the users with the software and ease the overall transition from a previous system.
As noted by Advanced Staging Production’s Operations Coordinator Jay Simpson, “Their ability to handle all types of requests thrown at them was very accommodating, reassuring and professional. They answered every question and explained all options very well. They quickly resolved any issues we had and the week was very smooth. Even in the session full of almost 20 techs!”
“We made the best effort to give ourselves enough time with each department so we could not only train but internally adjust our own procedures based on the minor or major changes in how Lightning functions compared to our old system. Kusal and Daniel were able to help translate our old procedures into new ones that Lightning is capable of doing for us. Usually coding those solutions right away in the session.
We came out of this week very organized with our action items and two more remote trainings to schedule. But with their help we feel confident and comfortable with where we are in our process. And they are just great guys, too.”
As they continue preparing for their GO LIVE date with IntelliEvent Lightning, Advanced Staging Productions will be attending the IntelliEvent Profitability Summit (IPS) in September and is looking forward to having one on one time with the development team in Monterey, as well as networking with other attendees and joining scheduled training sessions throughout the conference.
For more information on Advanced Staging Productions and their services, please visit
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