Customer Write Up - AV Workshop

May 24th, 2016 Andrew Ehler - Vice President of Sales


About AV Workshop

We offer extensive services to meet your audio visual and equipment needs. Our solutions are adaptable for events of all sizes and budgets, from formal gala and business presentations to large scale multi-media productions.

  • AV Rental Equipment
  • Consultation and Advice
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Equipment set-up, Operation and Dismantling
  • On-site Technical Assistance
  • AV System Design and Installation
  • Full Event Production

At AV Workshop, we tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you need full-event audio visual logistics, turnkey support, rental equipment, or people to supplement your in-house staff, we have you covered!

The Beginning

In 2005, AV Workshop began an extensive search for a Rental Management Software that would improve their efficiency and inventory control. They knew the Rental Software had to be robust enough to run a rapidly growing business while being cost effective enough to not mortgage the company.

IntelliEvent Wins

After looking at countless Inventory Control Software packages, testing, talking to references, and having onsite visits, it was time to make a decision. “IntelliEvent was the choice for us because they had been around for years, we trusted them and it had most of the features we needed to run our business”, says Jason Lieberman of AV Workshop.

Continued Success

Many years later, AV Workshop could not be happier with their choice of a Cloud Based Rental Software. Andrew Ehler, VP of Sales at IntelliEvent, says of AV Workshop, “They have been a great partner and have given great feedback to enhance the software through the years.”

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