What our VP of Sales wants you to know about IntelliEvent

February 26th, 2019 Andrew Ehler - VP

We sat down with Andrew Ehler, IntelliEvent's General Manager & VP of Sales, to discuss 20 years of success, the benefits of being an early adapter, and going above and beyond for the customer.

Andrew Ehler, a graduate of Cal State Monterey, started his professional career at IntelliEvent in 2003 where he helped bring IntelliEvent's stand-alone product, Express, to the masses. In 2013 Andrew explored new frontiers as Regional Sales Manager at HexArmor, managing a sales team across the western United States. Missing the excitement and relationships he had built in the event world, he rejoined IntelliEvent in 2015. Andrew saw the potential to spread the word about IntelliEvent's new cutting-edge, cloud-based event management solution 'Lightning'. Today, he manages and leads a team of salespeople and works with IntelliEvent's large client accounts.

Q: Tell us about IntelliEvent and what makes the company special?

A: IntelliEvent is proud to celebrate 22 years of providing award-winning software for the event rental market. We believe our long-standing success and growth are the direct result of our passion and continued efforts to provide tools to help our customers become more profitable and efficient. Beyond an amazing software solution in Lightning, IntelliEvent provides unmatched support. Customers starting out on the software benefit from an implementation team (made up of a product specialist and trainer) who ensure that our software is properly set up to match each customer's specific workflow and business needs. We provide around-the-clock support in addition to hosting weekly seminars to improve our customers' product knowledge and create a continuous loop of feedback which we use to improve all areas of the business. Our product brings customers in, but our team is what keeps them happy.

Q: You mentioned Lightning being your company's flagship product. What makes IntelliEvent Lightning unique?

A: Lightning provides a single platform our customers can use to run their entire business. This product was the first of its kind when we developed it a little over 6 years ago. Having that extra time really put us ahead of the curve in terms of finding the 'next big thing' in this industry. Every feature in the system has been developed based on requests and feedback from our user base. These features provide a comprehensive system that can manage every element of an event-based business. From lead acquisition and opportunity tracking to quoting, job and event management, invoicing and financial reporting, Lightning is the industry's best all-in-one software solution.

IntelliEvent Lightning Features
- Full CRM.
- Real time inventory control.
- Customizable quoting.
- Accounting and invoicing.
- Accounting software integrations.
- POs and job costing.
- Dashboards.
- Financial tracking.
- Over 200 management reports.
Along with an updated intuitive user interface, Lightning's cloud-based accessibility allows our customers to use the software anywhere, anytime and with any device so that they can always stay connected to their businesses no matter where they are.

Q: How do you see your company's future in terms of economy, sales, technology, and product evolution?
In 2018 we surpassed our record-breaking 2017 by earning more customers in a calendar year than ever before. This growth has been the result of a tremendous number of referrals that have come from our existing customer base. Because of the nature of the industry in which we operate, the open communication between business owners has allowed for lots of organic growth. Of course, we also believe our success is the result of Lightning providing the best business management solution in the industry.

In 2019 we look to continue this rapid growth and to leverage valuable customer feedback to maintain our position as the top provider in the industry.

We're thankful for our success, but even more excited for what's ahead.
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