IPS 2019: Networking, knowledge, and feedback

September 10th, 2019 - Septmeber 12th, 2019 Operations
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The IntelliEvent Profitability Summit is our annual event where we encourage all Lightning users, friends, and prospects to come and join us for several days. It will be hosted at our Headquarters in beautiful downtown Monterey!
IPS will be held from Tuesday, September 10th - Thursday, September 12th.
We believe that IPS will be a baseline to inspire new relationships and share insights that can help your business achieve efficiency. With the assistance from our sponsors, partners and customers we are able to create an exciting experience that improves and adds value to your company; not only because your product knowledge will increase, but also due to the new connections that can form within your market. Thanks to the different segments of the industry that attend the conference (AV, Event Production, Tent, Party/Event Rental, Venues...) we are confident that there are plenty of possibilities for sharing best practices and building partnerships far outside of IPS. The more we can collaborate as a team, the more we can all benefit.
We recommend that attendees come as early as Tuesday for the ability to book one on one sessions with our developers, and to enjoy the exciting outdoor activities that Monterey, California has to offer (Developer sessions will also be available Friday). During the summit we will have two “Deep Dive Learning” day sessions where our attendees will receive a full spectrum course into what makes the product unique and the key benefits, how to use the software efficiently, underutilized functionality, and also answer any questions you may have about being a current or future IE Lightning User. We want your feedback to acquire valuable insight on how we can continue to build and strengthen the platform for the benefit of our customers and partners. Room sessions will be available for module practice and application in Logistics, CRM, Labor Scheduling, New User training, QuickBooks integration and more! We know it is our duty to provide all of you with the right knowledge and tools to make the best decision for the future of your company.
We believe networking is a big part of success, which is one of the main reasons we host this event. At the end of each day and between room sessions, we have carefully selected activities for our attendees to relax and mingle with future customers and prospects. Wine tasting, playing golf, or attend a race at Laguna Seca Raceway, it is your pick on what to do, and we really hope you enjoy coming to Monterey. We know it is a big commitment to sign up, but as a company we are convinced that together we are stronger.
As we countdown towards the final date, we will be releasing more in depth information about each of the days and topics to be covered at IPS 2019.
We hope to see you all here!.
Registration for IPS 2019 is now open and can be completed by following the registration link below.
Be on the lookout for follow up emails with a detailed itinerary for the event.

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A simple itinerary for IPS 2019 is as follows:

Tuesday, September 10th - VIP Activities, One on One with Development.

Wednesday, September 11th - Deep Learning 1, Wine tasting & dinner.

Thursday, September 12th - Deep Learning 2, Dev symposium, Golf tournament & dinner.

(Optional) Friday, September 13th - VIP, One on One, race @ Laguna Seca.

For more detailed activity information, and how to register, please go to this link.
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